Lena Schattenberg (29) studied Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and received her Bachelor of Arts in June 2015. During her 3rd year of studies she worked together with Leine&Roebana, a company based in Amsterdam, with whom she performed in Den Haag and Moscow among others.

During the season 2014/15 Lena was hired as an apprentice by the company tanzmainz at Staatstheater Mainz.

As a freelance artist she mainly collaborates with Eva Borrmann / PLAN MEE and young choroegrapher Samuel Feldhandler, with whom she is in a close collaboration for many years. Together they found the Kompanie Samuel Feldhandler in Vienna where both of them are currently based.
In Autumn 2020 Lena joined Rosas under Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker for the revival of Drumming.

Lena is part of the MNEME kollektiv in Muenster, Germany.