Fake Dances by Samuel Feldhandler 

Password: fake

Residency at ICK, Amsterdam, March 2019

“For my time at ICK, I want to focus on the work Fake Dances. This work builds on my approach to choreography through translating musical practices in dance, and focuses on jazz forms and on the tool of the fake book (a collection of scores with only rudimentary information used by Jazz musicians). Fake Dances brings set material and improvisation in dialogue and explores the space between composition and interpretation.

In the end, Fake Dances will be a collection of short dances, each consisting of written themes, improvised solos and both set and improvised accompaniments. These dances will follow each other, much like tunes would follow each other during a jazz concert.”

- Samuel Feldhandler

Choreography: Samuel Feldhandler
Dancers: Anni Kaila & Lena Schattenberg
Photos: Samuel Feldhandler

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